I cant find my phone … its MIA. Im not too concerned … I wont have service out in the country … not much LOL I always lose my phone., its not a big deal. I had this #dream I had a black and red beetle covering my cervix. It was harmless and it was guarding it?! LMAO … I have no idea LOLOL Anyways., it was removed., and I got to take a space odysey through my reproductive organs. Theyre in great condition. Other than a tubal ligation everything was very pink and healthy and my eggs looked healthy LOLOL Can you imagine taking a trip through your own reproductive organs? You know how weird that is? LOLOL #symbols


Im not going to lie., I could have a baby every nine months and be absolutely ecstatic with it. A whole brood, a whole bunch of them just all over the place. All running around in little cloth diapers eating dirt. I wish I could have had about 10 more. I cant help it. Im just one of those people. Id just tie them together and pull them along on a rope. A bunch of kids strung together on a leash. LOL little blond munchkins. #dreaminterpretation My daughters wanted me to have a baby at one time just a couple years ago. Im the woman who lived in a shoe …. I need to open a daycare.


(Heads up., someone just dumped a guy to go look for that really good looking Hispanic guy in KC.) There is this chick who is INSISTING on sleeping with ANY guy who I even remotely like LMAO. If you get her., very short leash. Very manipulative, and make her get an #std test first. Some of those women do much better in a VERY controlled environment. Too much leash means trouble. Lock and key and she might do just fine. Spoiled. No, Im not jealous., Im more concerned about her getting put under control. They hate it at first., but boundaries means you love them. They dgaf if they allow them to do anything they want. If they dont get her under control., somebody is going to kill her. Its that bad. Better under control than dead. Monitor social media., limit choices and keep her under control. Boundaries mean you care. Its “slumming” to her. Shes just really immature. She might actually do something with herself if somebody straightens her up. Used to getting away with things because of money. They get away with things here they cant in other cities. Its a WEIRD CITY. #wichita #kansas She pulls that shit in another place somebody will just hurt her or kill her. Breaking up relationships, coming in between boyfriends, cheating etc … nobody puts her on a leash. Sleep with your husband etc. They kill people for that in other places. Make her take a damn bath., they have a guy blow their load and another unsuspecting male go down on them. Toss her in the shower. They do sick shit Ive never heard of here. She wants to get their first LMAO. Ok then if you insist. Probably a Balderas … reddish hair usually. Theyre into that Mayan Chilam Balam pull a train shit. Thats whats going on here with all the bisexuals and shit. #olathe #kansascity #stlouis #missouri Giving them cars and trucks to take it up the back side. They try to drag people into it. It starts out with a ton of vagina but they try to drag straight guys into homosexuality … tread carefully. THEY FUCKING KILL PEOPLE IN THAT AREA. THEY DONT FUCK AROUND WITH IT THERE. Hellooooo. Im a little more concerned about her fucking survival., its a mean part of town. I RAN TO FUCKING WORK WITH A RAZOR IN MY MOUTH. Mrs. Im Peurto Rican is catfishing in that area now. #hispanic Theres a bunch of unmarked white vans there … thats why I ran to work instead of strolling LOL Toss you in one and youre sold in Mexico. The Abouds are involved., theyre not practicing Christianity. Theyre rich and doing that shit.