Well., unless youre suicidal and paralyzed from activity I would tread with caution. The truth is the vast majority of the population doesnt really understand or believe that you have it. Phrases like., It wasnt that bad of a trauma, or just get over it … some people will just intentionally start doing things to trigger you. They barely believe it for combat veterans and not at all for victims of long term domestic violence. Between the sex cults here and random assholes … they, the powers that be, start screwing with you. I went to risky begavior as in., I wanted to go out last night and just get rid of a few people. The fear response turns to rage. Thats the werewolf symbolism. Werewolves are rage.


I dont care. In fact I care about as much as most people care about me which is zero LOL Its just not in there. Its either numb or soissed I want to just kill off everybody.


Im numb, dont care. Some of that is personality type #enneagram5 There are imposter psychologists here with no training or education. No license. Make SURE and check credentials. My natural personality type is extremely objective … youre little insects. I get the symptom of looking at people like insects.

Federal Grants in Honor of National PTSD Awareness Day #FundingFriday

That insect feeling is a symptom of psychosis … Im also selfaware and understand that you cant just go around killing people no matter how bad you would like to. Im simplustic when I am in a rage. A. Is the problem B. Is you … equals C. Which is stress … so I want to eliminate you. I still have remorse but its dialed way down on the give a shit meter. Its perceptible but not exactly influential. #veterans Im destroying lives one day at a time by using Facebook and the DMV and its effortless and doesnt bother me at all. If you are stupud enough to take a picture of doing the thing violating your conscience and your shit gets hacked and you want to kill yourself from shame … thats your own fault.


Theres PTSD and CPTSD .., because its been 22 years. I dont feel sorry for myself I dont give a shit. I just dont care. I have a good excuse NOT to leave the house. Im happy in here.


Thats #dmv and CAGWEN and their company. Getting jobs by taking it up their ass. Theyre not exactly what I would call intelligent. Gwen is dog ugly. Jealous … they actually need a shrink. Some of those women would just like to screw the military patients … they need a good bone. They need to come right out and say it instead of acting jealouse. Quite a few are horny old bitches looking for dick. Free therapy if you fuck one.


I dont need that kind of self esteem boost.



All I need is Fabio the Fabulous to do is swing by, I’ll wait by the curb … you tell me Im pretty and give me a hug and I’ll shove a plate of cookies at you. You can do it on your way to screw a horny old bitch. Im not jealous … I’ll say go get her tiger LOLOL

Herbs: Ginseng., Rhodiola., Ginger., Hot mustard powder … things that are adaptogens.

Impression: I was so excited … my big invisable friend is rolling back the clock for me. LOLOL



That Brazillian chick with the nasal talk … theyre locking quite a few of these women in mental health facilities. My only concern is the up your ass group. Im going to a different state if I ever need a booty call. Theyre INFESTED with diseases. Intentionally … on the meter of super gross. Its definitely going to be white. White dude. Leaning hard towards the white.


Theres plenty of males not doing that shit. Im into good old fashioned throw me around in the bedroom gymnastics. Its just one of those cities where you dont want to really take the chance. The men are passive aggressive … I like men. I like manly men. Im not into pity sex. I have absolutely ZERO attraction to the vast majority of males I encounter. I get an actual “ick” vibe … like sleazy dont touch me stuff. It just grosses me out. I love Mr. Devil. He is a really manly male … thats the type I like. He has that manly male vibe. I dont give out free pity sex to ick.


I have rage issues more than anything. Im not scared to go out Im just thinking everybody is really disgusting. Morgan is I heard in a mental health facility now … that group are pathological liars. Severe drug abusers. That young man from Europe is also locked down I heard. Theyre on all kinds of hallucinogens and mixing street drugs. Bad, bad, uncontrollable habit.


Once you see actual photos of the kind of stuff people are into … feces …. Ive worked healthcare …. squirming tiny larvae on a penis after you insert it into a vagina … it really makes you want to be extra careful. Thats all it is and combined with sadistic sex cults …. its a big red X over the whole city of #wichita #kansas Im normally not a complete touch me not but after witnessing certain things by photo or vid … personal space is super huge right now. Its called a sense of self preservation. I get so grossed out …. one guy was rubbing feces all over himself. Saw a short vid of a girl literally picking feces out of a mans back side while he was passed out and eating it. No. Just no. #gangstalking




Thats a perfectly normal reaction to gang stalking, packs of mentally ill, and serious gross ass bitches doing the most fucking vile things on Earth. The Fabios get paid for pity sex. Some them actually do help women with problems with their sexuality … some them do that but CONDOM … especially here. I dont have sexuality problems. Im very comfortable with mine. Im not frigid. My sort of spouse and I get it on all the time. My needs for affection dont get met so I just like hugs.







KEEP THAT ONE DEMOCRAT COMPLETELY AWAY FROM ME. He has something REALLY wrong with him. He gets my hackles up and teeth up., I just want to hurt him. He is a sick individual. I dont like him at all I wouldnt give him ANY say in something I would be doing. If I had a project., nod ok but do what youre going to do anyways. I wouldnt acknowledge an opinion. He is unenlightened., uninformed, and pulls the ignorance card … obtuse. Ick vibe big time. The chick he did may be a tranny … up your rump. Chlamydia … lays there like the Sphinx so you cant see a dick. Youre are ethically obligated to atleast inform somebody of an STD or if you are or used to be a man. Those people are screwing homeless and Craigslist.


Incidences and reoccurance of disease in homeless are quite high.




I dont even like that man … they cant comprehend physical boundaries. Those Brazillians with Ulrich … theyre fucking dumb AND gross. Latent homosexuals … I like manly men. Those people are fucking repulsive. And drug addicts. Theyre trying to make sex mean absolutely nothing. Its because they run #brothels What sex means to me is absolutely NONE of your fucking business. Sex means dont touch that. Vomitrocious. They dont even have sex they stick their dick in a meat taco and blow a load. You can do that with your own hand. Your hand can be your meat pocket. You fucked a dude LMMFAO. That man is annoying as hell…. closet homo. He would have been safer fucking a homeless bitch LMAO

People walk in and just dip it in LOLOLOL We have to pander to a bunch of hispanic retards so they keep putting money in here. I dont have to and Im not going to. Now you understand why Hispanic countries are shit holes. LOLOL Fucking Pablo has a 3rd gender LOLOL

Im not politically correct LOLOL Dumb ass inbred retards. LOLOL


You can lure the ENTIRE state of Mississippi to a fucking brothel… dumb … dumb as fuck.



Tricked by trannies.




#kgb #espionage #intelligencecommunity #pentagon #britishintelligence #israel #organizedcrime #newyorkstockexchange #business

These women dont even know WHEN theyre being pimped. Conversation: Dude … go over there and screw that guy. Girl … What for? Why do I have to do it? Fine but were going to Popeyes afterwards. Dude … ok.




#doctors #nurses #clinic #mentalhealth #deepweb #computerhacking #hacking #india #bhutan #maldives #bulgaria #norway #northkorea #tibet #brunei #mongolia #stygian #hellsangels

Run … run as fast as you can … Sterilization they dont comprehend that sex causes pregnancy. Half those Hispanics believe you poop, pee, and bear children out of one opening. You have an anus, a vagina and a urethra. 3. Babies come out of your vagina. Vasalgel … babies with teeth growing out of their eyebrows. Inbred. I always say there are no teeth in a vagina but its in the realm of possibilities … reabsorbed twin… inbreeding … lead poisoning.



#drugtrafficking #humantrafficking #drugs #sextrafficking



#iran #afghanistan #iraq #india #dubai #scottland #ireland #latvia #belarus #blackmarket










Many DCF wont even bother rescuing a kid from a child molestation. Especially if he is Hispanic. Its just how they are. Here sodomize my son so I can get into a house. They just keep doing it. Theyre too fucking materialistic and shallow. Their kids are simply income. Thats why you dont expend healthcare. Repair physical damage and pain relief but they just do it again.

They have a great big boohoo story. Go back to your own country where health care is free. They start fucking around at 8 or 9 years old. Theyre just childish and that way.

Impression: My hand raised up dew and plants from the Earth and a black tidal wave covered a land map Brazil. And black like a paint brush splatters pain … splattered the globe. Earlier this morning I flicked my wrist and a very fast moving fire burnt through Mexico and left charred ash. Fast like meteor or volcano. Quick.

Perla Rodriguez … Travis Becker

Travis and Mandi Horton is WHY the town went up in flames.

Brian Bellendir … D’Khari Lyons … Bryant Douglas Jr.

Jody Fox … Steven Yarberry









Paradise … freaks, spics, whores, and rank herpe vagina.


Just because you act like that there doesnt mean you can do that here … keep your nut jobs there. Theyre just fucking disgusting. Stupid. I’ll take you on a little cruise myself. Youre worthless. Pansies.


Your little buddies are ass fucking everything that moves here. Theyre really gay … and unattractive as hell.




Keep your fucking ugly bitch in the house. Super sexy with her teeth in her eyebrows and a predatory child molester son.

PAHAE and fuck stick BEEFY … great plastic surgery bod and a mans face. Tricked by the tranny. I dont really care as long as you tell them up front. A full trans surgery gives them another meat pocket to put your dick in.


Oh look at me I went to work and fucked my quota at the office today … makes me super independant … too bad most of them are married Im just the side meat pocket.


Feeling sorry for them … old snagglepuss needs an esteem boost., her Hispanic only has a vienna sausage weiner. She needs a bag over her slutty personality. I only feel validated fucking the entire sky scraper.


Hatred … more like dumb fucks. Nothing screams desperate and phony like a line of men to the copy machine room.

Those people are the phoniest mother fuckers I have ever seen in my life.




Nobody really likes the majority of Hispanics., we just do because were forced to. We dont like how they live.

No., Im wearing pajamas until I can bounce out. Im not living here., Im not going to church with people who have no intention of practicing. Im leaving ASAP … Im not even bothering getting up. You all pretty much act like pretentious fake assholes. Your fake christian service is completely wack.

You know why Aboods music lacks sincerity because theyre not Christian. He needs to switch venues. Not many people actually like him. Central Christian Church are swingers involved with sex trafficking. They fuck the wealthy. Child predators. If you want to get laid go there. Theyre fake af. And latent homosexual.


Their kids are completely fucked up because the parents allow their swinger friends to fuck with them.



As a health practioner if youve been anally invaded or been the invader … the people being passed around are HIV positive. Im not joking. All of them. You need antiretrovials.


I had an impression a few times of giant bugs crawling through the building. Theyre were in, on, and out in the parking lot. You have fake Faith Healers practicing Mayan Chilam Balam telling them they can cure it if they get it. Or magically give it to someone else. Mentally disabled have quite a few bugs. Non Christians will punish you for your hypocrisy like that. Making up shit and giving you disease on purpose. Because you think you know God and act like an asshole at the same time.





They treat each other like shit and the dumb bitches get jealouse.



It honestly doesnt bother me but the kids get damaged and the women CANT control themselves. Pedophilia is unnacceptable. Rape is unnacceptable. They drag young girls in., the men lose respect for women. They CANT HANDLE IT.

I grew up hippie esque. It wasnt a big deal to screw around a little. Just because Id get busy with one doesnt mean Im screwing everybody. I DONT HAVE TO … Im not the Church meat pocket. Then they get upset because you wont screw everybody ITS NOT WORTH THE DRAMA. There is a Meair (sp) at CCC thats nuts. And a man that likes me., whom I actually like in return. He doesnt like her., that family is screwed up. So she is really trifling. I’ll hurt her for being an idiot. That Meair family is gross here.

Red shirt logo … theyre the group hurting kids. The Meairs here attack blondes. That man doesnt care if Im chubby. She will introduce a very young boy to homosexuality and any sexual activity. She has that parasite. I kept seeing an impression of black spots on her genitalia. I keep feeling cancer. Could be wrong. Symbol. Cancer usually has random bleeding., bright red. Its different from menses blood.





I had a dream about the women and men taking part … they were demon possessed by something that wanted the host body dead. It moves from one host to the next. They have the host thinking its giving them life., whatever that demon is hates people including the host.


Also had the same impression about Kaci but breast cancer as well.


The Mood Killer vvvvv

https://youtu.be/yEQclXsXhYk https://youtu.be/zIV2MGtkGoM




Night life … its called your moms basement party.

Dont hand me your line of bull., sneaking out , riding your camel to Dubai …




Im going to bed so I can sleep in and do nothing Good Night LOLOLOL