Theres a bunch of Addams Family with rotten apples coming out. Theyre going to feel better.

One of the Farhas … a bunch of those people have a congenital genetic condition. The high pitched voice. One of those women have good apples inside but she had a swarm of black bees leave. Whenever I dream about black bees thats auto immune. Something is being corrected. Its being corrected while theyre treating a different condition. The other condition isnt severe., pulling some of that out. Its endocrine I think … I saw a sheet of what appeared to be like a type of metal., smelled similar to copper and kind of looked like copper. Its a tiny bit corroded. She either takes really good care of herself normally to where it doesnt progress … she may be managing something she doesnt know she has.

I have something down in me I just dont confront. Its not denial., I just dont know how and I dont see the point unless its going to fix it. But the mental image is., every bone in my body is broken. Every bone. I ignore it, get up and do what I gotta do. I dont pay any attention to it. Its irrelevant when it comes to getting things done or meeting needs that need to be met on a daily basis.

Im not nice. Im civil Im polite … because right after that mental image is one of me snatching you up by your throat and squeezing until your head pops off.

Broken bones is symbolic of sorrow. I have something really bad down in there.

I have neighbors that are lucky to be alive., I feel consoled by the fact that they had an illness introduced thats turning their ovaries into rotten egg plants. It takes more effort to control my temper some days than anything else because my head turns into a torch. Love The Neighbor., I love my neighbor by staying the hell away from them. Rape and dump adjacent., pool cue up the backside at the Hispanic mans house next door to them. I have to work on hatred. People think hatred is dislike. Hatred is dislike bone marrow deep. DO NOT GO INTO THE HOUSES. A bunch of those women contracted something thats turning ovaries into rotten eggplant. Drooping and turning to mush. It makes me feel better knowing they cant have any offspring … it cheers me up. Goodbye mongoloid apocalypse and that sdghgd reign of terror. They do really bad things to people. Theyre developmentally disabled., only retarded people do the crap their doing. Really sick sense of humor. Sick. Its so off its not actually funny. Mandatory sterilization if the IQ is under 91 because they cant care for a child. You have to be able to take care of a child with out torturing it. They need to be able to understand you cant beat on babies, you HAVE to change diapers, they HAVE to be fed, they have to have a bath atleast every couple days.

I have something really dark way down in there. Its dark. I dont look like it but its dark.

Competency. People need to have competency in order to raise a baby. You dont really need to be book smart … many cultures with out education raise their kids just fine. Its about denying the impulse to immediately beat a kid because youre frustrated. Plenty of women who didnt have some extensive education shower their kids with affection, they get fed, they have a childhood running around and playing. Mentally disabled cant deny the immediate impulse to beat a kid out of frustration and half the time the kid didnt even cause the frustration., theyre just within arms reach and convienant. Theyre plain old mentally disabled. Certain drug addictions mimic mentally disabled. It will cause mental disability.

Then blaming somebody like me because all these girls contracted some disease when I had absolutely nothing to do with it and would advise you not to get involved in anything like that. Empirical data. They ignore empirical data. Health and wealth, name it and claim it doctrine of some bs., I dont believe in anything like that. Just because you do anything to travel or acquire material posessions doesnt mean we all do. I wont go near those people ever again. Not since I know what they are. Theres something adgjkf wrong with the whole damn bunch.


Impression: Some entity … older man to my right and behind me., I can kill you, it wont bother me. If I feel that its really more beneficial for you to be completely locked up and nobody will do it., I’ll get rid of them. Its logical for the greater good. Thats what the legal justice system is for … so civilians dont have to. I wont lose one minute of sleep over it. Im wondering when and how people got so damn pathetic and weak.

You either get your mofo act together, put yourself in check before somebody does it for you.

On the other hand I have all this weird stuff going on in the house and something blew a ring of bubbles by my left lung near my back and a mental image of some kind of group of purple tear shaped cells leaving. You dont think I dont problems?

Dorsal, near the bottom lobe of my left lung.

Anemia from deoxygenated blood.

I dropped my estrogen levels really low., cancerous cells die and turmeric induces apoptosis.

Ive battled anemia my whole life … its worse around the menstrual cycle.

It looked like a handful came out.

I had sports induced asthma as a kid, tired as hell during certain periods of time.

I take B vitamins., I just take tons of stuff that keeps weird stuff at a minimal.

You have to look at things like., your body has to fight off disease from the day youre born. So you give it stuff that helps kill everything. Wasabi and hot mustard. Garlic, allspice, etc.

Genetic problems or not … you still have to put good stuff in there to kill off weird shaped cells and stuff. Even really healthy bodies throw out a weird cell or two.

You can use Aryuvedic or Chinese medicine many times WITH medication. It just depends on the illness.

I have to feed my little cephalopod … even if its a cell and the octopus is a symbol… requires the same nutrients. I take fish oul and seafoid is my fave. Love shrimp. I do best with low carb.

Salinity. Salinity in the human body is like sea water to certain critters LOL

I dont have jaundice. I have dizzy spells around a menstrual cycle. Thats normal for me. I bounce back quickly.

I just use all the rotten things that have hapoened to me through poor chouces or just circumstance to motivate me to keep it from happening to my kids. I can do dishes and sit on the pity pot at the same time LOLOL

Carey just called to give my spouse a job., sorry Carey hes a little bust griping at me over the fucking idiot he is involved with who stole a bunch of my shit including the pestle to my mortar. We use it to grind coffee. FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING WHITE TRASH SCUM. Hate those mofos. I hope your entire family fucking dies. Theyre the ones killing geese. contact Wild life services you fucking p.o.s. The police need to pay them a visit.

316-210-5635 Carey

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Hes a really disgusting individual. They all have MRSA up their backsides plus that thing that necrotizing the bowel. The Hispanic women with them have it. The men involved with them have it… they ALL need to go to the doctor. Theyre all trying to spread it to as many people as possible. A great many of those men are butt pirates. Theyre not bisexual theyre gay and are extremely mysoginistic. They treat women worse than my sort of spouse. They are all gay. My sort of spouse wouldnt even consider doing something like that. Theres no way in hell you could even talk him into it. Be extremely careful., some of those men case your children. George from APAC., WGTOW list.

Thats the location on West Street. Stalking by proxy. He will act nice at first but he is really nasty. White trash.

Spirochetia possibly in the teeth.

Adalberto Mata Deras of Wyandotte KS.

Christopher Solis of CA., Richard Merritt., Robin Walker.,

Robert Walker., Ernesto Flores 26 of Wichita… #drugtrafficking

Lisa Solis of California., Reuben Franco of Yucaipa California.

Amy Murray., Joshua Murray., Eugene Claypool.,

Shirley Merritt

Impression: I just had another group of purple tear drop shaped cells leave. CLOVES and HOT MUSTARD … warms up hands and feet naturally.

Impression: I just had a batch of red ones leave.

People pray for each other too.

Snack on dried cherries.

Cloves are for the spleen and kidneys … warming.

Allspice is a spleen tonic.

Most people will have it removed., but if you can help correct it … it helps immune function.

They make up for my sweet tooth.

Does anything have dark blue tear shaped cells.,

I drank a very stout bay leaf teaf and a piece of life was the impression and it was living green put inside.

Impression my critter inks. He just inked. LOLOL

Its good for certain types of hairloss.

That ink comes out through my skin or something.

Cobalt is dark blue and its poisonous but small amounts make up chemo.

Mr. Burrows hows the Mr. Debbie process? Vitamins, water, garlic? Clean socks? One healthy meal.

I had a couple of crops of kids for my friend in the lab. Impression.