Impression: Older than methusalah … he needs affection. Theres a big difference between an older man who needs affection … they need it so bad they start shaking., they just want to hold onto you .., French … then theres the really gross older guy that has to do hurtful things to people out of sadistic tendencies. Theres a big difference … you could get a blanket and cuddle them like you would a baby. Ive taken care of a lot of those. They need lots of cuddles. Ooops incidental boob contact who cares … theyre not going to hurt you. Then we have these really filthy s.o.b.s that will diddle every man, woman, and child in a horrible hurtful way.

Some of these older men are so starved for someone to sit there and cuddle they will start shaking., it almost hurts them when you start giving them attention. It feels so good to them to cuddle that it hurts them initially. Ive had old, older men start crying when Ive taken care of them … its partially out of gratitude for kindness. I tuck in the pappis like a burrito with 20 blankets because theyre cold all the time.

Impression: A crab in the dark part of the ocean fed me something… it blew chewed up plankton in my mouth … the really creepy part is I felt like I got fed something. LOL

It put its face next to me and basically spit food in my mouth. It was communicating something strange like, they can nourish humans with out us eating them.

So I tried cleaning up part of the yard in the rain but Mr. Haag likes to tell people shit when the trucks gone., yeah my spouse has it so I sat out on the porch so enough eye witnesses saw me., not to mention Mr. Haags daughter pitched a fit and started yelling out in the front yard. Im right here. Whatever bullshit theyre trying to pull isnt going to work. I heard her across the street… I heard her., “shes right there” Yeah its my fucking house people. Peeping out the window for God knows how long. They sent a girl over to where that dude is with the giant forehead and reddish hair … pedophile,, Evan Brewer group … trying to screw in a few cops. Its some nasty bitch., the damn cops dont have to screw anybody. Trying to screw in the cops?!?! The cops arent supposed to be screwing anyone for anything except a girlfriend or a gd wife. This city is so freakin wack Im getting ready to make tracks car or not. It makes me feel better knowing the cops wont be screwing anybody on patrol. If they do I hope its mutual and theyre wearing a condom. We dont pay taxes for them to be doing that. Thats prostitution … if youre getting paid on duty having sex with some weird critter meandering into the station thats prostitution and youre fired. Youre fired. It has to be when youre clocked out. Or lunch.

#wichita #kansas #andover #maize #derby #mulvane

Theres the other Slavic man Im nicknaming Nibbles., yes dear … you dont have to marry me for that LOLOLOL

The gross factor of these people is really getting to me. Its frantic … theyre frenetically running around trying to hurry up and get everyone in the United States Involved.

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Do you understand how weird it is to have a neighborhood move in around you and have people you have barely spoken to trying to make decisions about your life. Its bizarre., its weird. Its so freakin strange. I barely know that man and I dont speak to my neighbors.

Neal Davis., Anthony Maisel., Bailey Jefferson., Sonny Scroggins.,

Dawn Williams., Tina DePaulis., Rose Shisler.,

Brooke Spainhower., Gretchen Koenen., Yovahnis Roque.,

Police Captain Robert Enmon., Abner Santiago., Rachel Foster

Delia Foster.

Aside from indecent exposure if I want to screw someone in my front yard or have an affair., run off with Lets Get Close to Death and just back off an inch man … thats my choice. Thats called freedom. I can do that. I dont need permission.

Coach Brett Means., Coach Bill Ross., Tristan Willis

Garden City: Andrew Garcia., Jeremy Garcia., Anjelina Serrano

Alondra Guzman

Neives Restaurant., Tudy McCreary., Police Det. Mike Yoder

If I ever own my own bar … Im making a drink at last call for all the ladies …

The Baby Dropper … its gonna be some kind of ginger/turmeric apple pucker kind of period inducer that will keep women from concieving.

Superintendent Jim Copeland (meningitis outbreak).,

Trooper Matt Makowski., Victor Lopez., Tito Martinez-Alvarenga

Abel Mosso., Ramiro Gutierrez.,

Queens Dist. Attorney Richard Brown., Attorney Annie McAdams is suing Facebook in Houston for sex trafficking.

Whos in the Baby Crib tonight? We need to construct county lock up like a giant nursery with individual cribs. Can we do that? Im dead serious. I would construct county lock up like a giant nursery with individual cribs and everybody has to wear footy pajamas. Mandatory. Something really offensive like gender specific coloring., pink for the girls and blue for the boys., you get issued a pacifier once youre processed.


Impression… one of the werewolves relatives needs cuddles. I turn into pink star fish or octopus. All these people need cuddles. They have to have snoodles. He might be drunk., he may be upset because nobody stops by the house LOLOL some of those men are perturbed nobody actually STOPS at the house they just drive around. Thank u for thinking about me. The whole group might be drunk. Are they in the drunk tank? I had people driving around my house tonight. I may have to move to Chicago … theres the majority … some of those people in Garden City have lived in the sticks too long. They get a little funny out in Western Kansas … theres something wrong with them there.

Taking a shower goin to bed … good night Mr. Burrows., the Drunk Tank crew, and werewolf /vampire people.

I want you to visualize a bunch of hardened criminals wearing footy pajamas with a baby pacifier. All these African American dudes… cells turned baby crib … regression therapy. Or come dressed as your favorite criminal or super hero to therapy. Think about it.


NASA … theres going to be a few deaths. Touch n Go., shes got something. Theres a few women there., one fell over dead? Apron? Teague., some white haired little bitty guys. A guy from Qatar., they sleep with these really gross people to go to NASA. Its not worth it. Yuck. Some dude sitting outside of my house a few minutes ago. It doesnt really bother me but theyre weird. Even people at NASA are doing drugs., they have snaggle pussy. Theyre gross for being so called smart. YUCK. The gross factor is just way too high., and RANK ATTITUDE and not really attractive. The attitude is so damn rank that nobody can stand to be around them. Some of these people are taking bets., if youre doing dares and end up screwing an under the over pass hoe … thats all on you. Theyre doing the high 5 I lost a bet so I have to screw gutter hoe with gummy blow job., THATS ALL ON YOU. Teagues taking out her dentures every 20 minutes. Bobbin up and down like a chicken. Anyhoo….

Dreams: I dreamt a great big red guy with black horns gave me something to drink and I turned into something that went to space. I was see through but I have a spiritual other half like me there. And I gave the devil guy a bottle of light to drink. I have a love there that is beyond comprehension. We look see through, were made out of something else there. I spoke dolphin. Thats the entity in my house. I thought my husband came home last night because it felt like I had somebody in bed with me, he didnt come home all night. It felt like he was laying next to me until I got up. Its weird I know.


Its really about attitude. The attitude is atrocious. 5 minutes and Im like Im busy doing nothing over here. Gots to go sit on my ass in my house just to avoid you. Thanks but stick to your own kind. We dont have anything in common, nothing to talk about. I dont care who you are, if youre that gross … pushing you away with the toe. Scooooot.

Survival of the fittest. Maybe I dont get to do much., but Im not contracting a million different diseases. I choose quality over quantity., so even if I slept around it would be with men who were feeling mutual about wanting to get it on. For the sake of a hook up or one night stand … its going to be fire. Why would you even hook up with some dude and zero chemistry or attraction ? It needs to be a whole body experience … if you get a gift out of affection thats not prostitution. Its a total waste of time. If theres no attraction or chemistry its like allowing a dude to masterbate on you… youre looking at the clock, watching paint dry on the wall thinking hurry up.

I was talking to the devil guy in clicks and whistles… he is actually a really good man with frustration at managing people.

I turned into a mermaid at some point. Guess what., I basically got to go to NASA without doing anything. Wooden semi curved table. I gl places … I got to travel inside the human body.

Is it worth going if you go from healthy to dying in a few months. You contract something trying to get into a water park which is anywhere to 20 to 50 dollars., because you slept with someone to get in? Young people in general dont think about long term. You can die in 8 weeks contracting hepatitis. Youre 17 wanting into a theme park and you die 8 weeks later. Theres a high penalty on sexuality due to the nature of physical intimacy being sacred. God keeps that penalty high because He wants you to take it seriously. He wants you to take relationship., even if its fleeting, seriously.


Dont think youre getting away anything in the bros before hoes club. Ive been in your little board room. Theres some very wealthy and nice looking gentlemen that reside., Ive no idea about marital status. In many Middle Eastern cultures if a married man wants more wives or several concubines the general attitude is its none of the wives business. Its a culture of polygamy. Theyll have you looked over by a Physician before engaging with you intimately. The majority are not hateful. They really dont come off as mysoginistic. Rust colored walls., wooden table. In this culture., its monogamy. The wife has grounds for divorce and half your Kingdom. Its considered adultery. You have to pass polygamy legislation. I dont feel its any of my business if someone wants another wife., in Islam you have to be able to afford her. You can pass it at Federal level., but the individual States have the right to reject it. So Federal legislation first., then you have to tackle each individual State. Same with decriminalizing prostitution., or maybe specific acts of prostitution.

Im sitting on the boardroom table Indian style. Gonna have your meetings in the dark? It sounds like English to me. I have a few crystal globes Im juggeling.

Im in the KBI Office., hello. You can use me to lure people., I attract really off individuals. I attract the split you open like a melon kind. Theyre really damaged. The kind that cant function with out destroying people. They go at it like a job.


Sonny quit being a weirdo… surv. cam in the house. He doesnt use the tools in the garage., put them on my porch. Repeat yourself: The next time I see Karmin I will hand her several $100 dollar bills. For existing. (Up in the corner of the room.)

Mr. Burrows you know youre my main squeeze right? LOL

Is it a Doc Scroggins? He is too soft on the wrong people. And hateful towards people like me. They have pedophiles in the family. He isnt right.

I want you to understand when you try to feed off my chi., I can tell if theyre child molesters., I grabbed the last mans heart and squeezed it. You cant force me to heal you., if Im linked up I can speed up the death just as easy as It is to heal them. That man with the heart condition is sleazy and gross. I squeezed it to crush his heart. I can tell when theyre predators. I can tell when theyre disgusting people. One less sick idiot. My magic bees bring me all kinds of stuff. Spiderwebs covered in blue sapphire dots., genetic material made of different stones, they bring me ions. They “smell” bad. I ask God just to stop them at any cost… Ive blood in quite a few times through that method. Want me to blood in in person I’ll do that too., its all the same to me. Theyre not doing anything to benefit society as a whole.

037 LAN