Some of the witch craft people are practicing is stuffing dead relatives into people., or creating a soul tie with a dying one … it presents as allergies. Runny nose, watery eyes … thats ecto plasm. These people are playing with necromancy… thats how they use people with gifts and communicate with the dead. You can adjust your Ph using baking soda … its a digestive agent as well. I drink baking soda before bed. I have the physical sensation of something being removed through my sinuses. I dont practice necromancy and I dont have to stuff an entity into another person to commune with the dead. You have to be careful. You take anything said with a grain of salt. I dont commune with the dead. Its not permitted in Christianity and Im not doing anything to summon something to commune with. There is absolutely no telling what you are talking to. You could be talking to an unclean and demonic energy. Ive had entities show up using #hoodoo … they show up outside of me and they dont give me that allergy problem. Using conjur., I’ll have a candle lit in a still room and you can tell theyre there because Ive had the flame almost blow out., then blaze right back up. Theres nothing that is pulled through me., theres nothing that somebody is trying to stick inside of me … like right now… the mental image of an angelic being carrying a scroll I cant read and handing it to me. Hoodoo … its more like Orthodox Judaism or mysticism … you hold every tiny thing in nature sacred. It all means something and Ive not ever had anything negative show up. Its every flower, its every element, its every leaf … it has meaning and the ground under your feet is a Holy place. You bless your house, your land, your family… for instance., whatever these Hispanic people … the Rico group with that old Brazillian woman and Moshe … the very thing they want to communicate with absolutely despises them. It has repeatedly given me the impression that they need to leave me alone., it hates that old Brazillian woman. Theyve had nothing but bad times since they started pulling that crap. Its the same entity and repeats the same thing. Both families are being hit hard, nothing but negativity towards those people. Those people keep putting their hand on a hot stove and even after being burned., theyll put their hand right back on the hot stove. Theyre that damn dumb. That whole group of people have multiple diseases, cancer, theyve lost jobs, half of them have krokodil on their faces… nothing but negativity. That old saying. Proof is in the pudding. That entity isnt upset with me but they just keep at it. That entity absolutely hates those people with passion.

Quantum physics., chemistry .., changing the salinity of blood.., you take a little baking soda in your water.

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Coriander Powder.

Cumin Powder … I use cumin and I use a bunch of it. Frying corn tortillas in hot chili oil…

Coriander powder this morning … baking soda if you want to belch the alphabet.

Coriander … you might want to experiment with it for PCOS. #anemia

The scroll was written in Arabic., (impression) … I’ll let you know if I get a word or something comes to mind. You always pray about it … dont ever take something like that verbatim. I dont. I might mull something like that over … people believe anything.


Theres an older salty man in the Taliban that my divine inner child adores. Id look up to him and admire him. I think he is one of the most wonderful people on the planet. Hes grouchy … thats what salty is … one of those. Ive taken care of a lot of those in nursing homes .., they act like that so you have to find the cream puff center. Hed lock me in my room and tell me to stay away from the windows. Some women throw a fit over that. Its about more than not allowing another man to view you … YOU CAN BE SHOT. If youre husband is an important man., stay away from the windows. In this country… gangs do drive bys. They spray the whole area and you can get hit by a stray bullet. Younger women in particular think its just about not being viewed by another man … its about safety as well. Just stay away from the windows. Younger women simply dont think about it. You might attract the attention of a really wrong man and before you know it your house is broken into and you end up raped. Younger women are more like “Whats the big deal?” Its not usually about intentionally attracting another man they just think men are being over bearing. If your husband has enemies … or your father … many people take it out on the offspring. Theyll intentionally draw a daughter or wife out just to humiliate that man., then theyll dump you just as fast as soon as the humiliation is accomplished. They draw that woman out by using her own “whats the big deal” and maybe a little smidge of rebellion and you put the whole family at risk. I’ll shoot you … I have gun rights here. I wouldnt even hesitate. The woman is considered the weaker sex because she is emotional … its not an insult. Women are supposed to be emotional, shes supposed to be soft, but in general it makes women easier to be played false. I get fighting mad., I will confront and chase the car down the street LOLOL I have this internal “Oh really?” Switch … then it morphs into ok if you insist. You have to get real aggressive.

**** Some of that may be wanting the sun. Ask for a hydroponic system and UV bulbs … its like how if Im feeling kinda of closed in., I can go outside here ,.. the sun makes me feel better. Purchase a UV bulb or lamp and see if that helps. Some kind of attic fan that brings in fresh air during the cooler hours. Something growing., an aquarium or gold fish. Little things like that can boost your mood.

The bergamot, oranges … they stimulate collagen production … its more than just for your face. Its for ligaments, tendons, fascia, it renews all of that in your internal organs.

If you have joint problems you have to find things that rebuild those tissues. Vitamin C is in nearly every green and fruit and thats what your supposed to eat the most of a day on a food pyramid. Feed your internal zoo… it helps with joint pain. You can topically apply things but your health starts from the middle. From your center. Vitamin C is what jump starts all of that collagen production. Ground hemp and flax are simple proteins … easier to break down than meat.

That is around 35 to 45 cents a box. If you have problems there you can make a poultice out of that and olive oil with a drop or two of tee tree and pack it around the area. Im not talking the vaginal canal. Im talking about the external bits. You leave it on there for a few minutes and rinse. Then you rub in castor oil. Take a bottle of castor oil I add different things. I put a few drops of frankincense /myrrh/ and usually something floral. That trace amount of ricin really keeps bacteria low. Some women with sensitive skin fight that their entire lives theres nothing they can do about it. One teeny tiny bit of bacteria and boom., giant infection. That will cut back on quite a bit of that.

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211 HHV … On my front porch. Watching cars go by. 678 EVQ

397 KVZ., 610 JCM

167 KAL., JWS 7114., 787 HJM., 669 CCW., 069 FCA.,

Pumpkin Bread …. getting a grandkid out of one of my daughters is like pulling teeth. When my daughter visits I try to use subliminal messaging by whispering the word baby under my breath. Its ok tho. My daughter is happy. Shes one of those girls that would rather not get touchy feely but she’ll spend all the time in the world with you. Im trying to convey to her that men will sit there and talk about the future and ignore around 70 percent of it until they do the physical ring on the finger. Men just talk. My daughter is like me as in if you try to get close and then cut it off., she wont have you back. Its just how we do. We like to have fun with out all the touchy feely. Partner and crime stuff. Im one of those … side kick material. Im not kidding., Ive spent hours and hours with a member of the opposite sex and we never once bumped uglies. Its just fun. It didnt get romantic (tom boy) it was more like a “funk stuff up together partner”.

We went out and got loaded and did a bunch of stuff we shouldnt have.

Im not the only one talkin like that.

Abooooooot., they dont even speak English. I cant understand them when theyre sober., they get drunk and it sounds like grunts, hoots, and hollars.

I was explaining to my kids today why Im taking fat out of my liver … I drank too much. Bergamot … I feel like I found the Holy Grail.

Impression…. a group of women had miscarriages. They either Brazillian or German. Dont worry., it looks like a group of little lights and they swirl straight on up. Theyre like little stars on His garment. Little orbs.

if the placenta or the mucus plug is black., the baby is still born anyways. That means stillborn. Something is necrotic.

***** I think one of the Gouladdis had MUVN4WD and had that woman in a storage unit … impression. Thats called kidnapping. Thats illegal. She wasnt over here yesterday .. I lied, in Islam Im permitted. For the good of Islam. Sorry., I used her for bait. Im trying to nail that sick asshole to the wall. His turn to be crucified. Islam isnt a bad religion … if you actually put God at the center and focus on Him. Theres plenty of men who practice actual Islam that dont hurt anyone. Someone panicked when I said the car was over here yesterday. They freak out and react really bad., wondering who was driving that car over here yesterday. Its because theyre smoking bad drugs and they really think thats a har, har, har. Romig. Christianity, Judaism,… all of them when practiced promote keeping your ass at home and minding your own business. Dont say youre some devoted person and act like that. YOUR NOSE out of my BIZNATCH. Mind your own.

Little nymphs … I can stuff about 3 of those girls in my purse. Theyre adorable, theyre sweet but Id have to wrestle them to the ground and restrain them. Its not about number of partners peoples… its hygiene, its attitude. Even if I was sleeping around I would still be me. I work at maintaining positivity. Even if I were. That rank attitude is the biggest problem on this planet. My father in law was sleeping in the green house but we gave him blankets and a heater. He wouldnt come in.

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Has Mr. Crazy been making chubby old lady porn? Hes the equivalent of a crazy Hillbilly. Im going to find the porn and broad cast it. LOLOLOLOL ITS PROBABLY ON YOUTUBE.


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I just had an impression of a giant piece of liver with ecchymosis purpura landed in my living room., it looks like its dropping through some kind of blue-ish looking window. Its not literally there but I can see it. #synesthesia I dont know what else to call it.

That movie Poltergeist with the pink stuff… similar to that.

I freaking hate clowns or china dolls … the dolls … masks … a person dressed as a clown I can see them through the make up. I have had weird things happen with inanimate objects.

I feel like I have something coming out of my nose.

I fell down a flight of stairs in the 3rd grade., I was racing and jumped from the top to win. I twisted my ankle but it didnt break. It turned purple. I must have been trying to sleep walk because I woke up In the hallway crawling. I think I was trying to go to the bathroom. I saw things as a kid too I just never said anything. I cried and wanted my mom to put me to bed. She didnt want to, she thought I was being a big baby. So I crawled because I couldnt stand up and crawled to bed … 3rd grade. I saw things in our hallway. I always had to run through a certain spot in our hallway because there was something there. I had to run past it. We had certain areas in the house that were plain old dark. They felt dark. Areas in the house felt cold.

Clowns… when I get an impression of a person as a clown its because theyre pretending to be friendly but theyre not.

I kept dreaming about my bedroom door in Garnett on 9th street. I had my bed on the left as you walk into the room ., my head had to be by the window, the closet door had to be shut, and I had to be in the position where I could see who came in. In the current dream Baphomet came through my door. I had to line up my stuffed animals to protect me at night. I played the “if I cant see them, they cant see me” …

When you are someones reward … thats BDSM., theres a man who thinks I am his sub and thats his motivation. He is or someone is doing this to weed out the herd. Theres a man who has that Dom mind set. Many Doms have an oral fixation and they enjoy the Dominant to Slut ratio. Punished for being slutty. They turn you into a hoe then punish you and you have to crawl In submission to be forgiven. Thats called a homocidal maniac. What the suitors vying for the “reward” dont understand is the gauntlet you have to run is either going to kill you or leave you impotent.

They actually prefer very chaste women. They want you barefoot, pregnant, but slutty in the bedroom just for them.

LOLOLOL yeah … for many couples thats called keeping your man happy. He is happy then everyone is happy.